Fifty4Ferns Resort offers a series of ballrooms and meeting rooms that are designed specially to cater to your needs. Please contact us for more price and further details.

Meeting Room

Corporate training & Workshops

Weddings & Anniversaries

If you're looking for a breathtakingly beautiful nature resort as your wedding venue, look no further than Fifty4Ferns Resort. Located just 45mins drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre, this hidden gem is perfect for an intimate wedding reception.

Fifty4Ferns presents a beautiful setting for memorable weddings, comfortably holding about 150 guests on its grounds. Our team working with wedding planners and event organizers to ensure every little detail is taken care of.

It is also a perfect setting to celebrate those very special anniversaries. Our resort provides the perfect location for day and night time shots.

Reunions & gatherings


Fifty4Ferns Resort is also ideal for press conferences and media briefings, product launches, car-related events and many others. We invite you to create a different and memorable experience for your guests and associates.